The 5-Second Trick For post

one : a piece (as of timber or metallic) set firmly within an upright place In particular as being a keep or assistance : pillar, column

(intr) (of the rider) to rise from and reseat oneself in the saddle in time with the motions of the trotting horse; carry out a mounting trot

Our technical assist team combines a substantial diploma of empathy, compassion, and patience in order that the assistance you get is the help you may need.

Five days later on authorities ended up able to match a fingerprint in the post Business office to Wilson sending him to an early retirement.

As Section of present-day spending plan announcement (which was also full of updates to Liquor legislation), the provincial governing administration revealed the new style.

notion fresh relates to what hasn't lost its characteristics of newness including liveliness, Strength, brightness. a clean

Listed here’s exactly what the new Ontario licence plate for private motor vehicles will like like. Professional vehicles will have one that claims “Open up for Business.” #ONpoli

as deaf for a post by return of post retain (another person) posted post no charges post Place of work box registered post scratching post

The figures reinforce An additional article during the Post, where cops confessed to “turning a blind eye” to slight crimes.

To place up indications on (land or other home) forbidding trespassing: The estate has been posted because of the proprietor.

five : a metallic fitting connected to an electrical gadget (for instance a storage battery) for ease in making connections

Particular Background Statements The finished type needs to be offered into the hiring Section as part of the qualifications process

New Innovations has debuted a fresh cell app for citizens and fellows to raised support medical engagement and increase person comfort.


(previously) any of the number of stations furnishing relays of Adult males and horses to deliver mail over a hard and fast route

: a bit of fabric (as steel or wood) positioned firmly in an upright place and employed Specifically like a help or marker

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