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a mark placed on a letter in a post office, showing the date and area of posting, and cancelling the postage stamp. The postmark examine `Beirut'. posstempel خَتْم البَريد печат carimbo poštovní razítko der Poststempel poststempel ταχυδρομική σφραγίδαmatasellos postitempel مهر پست postileima cachet de la posteחותמת דואר मोहर, छाप poštanska marka postabélyegző cap pos póststimpill timbro postale 消印 소인 pašto antspaudas pasta zīmogs cap pos postmerkpoststempelstempel pocztowy د پسته خانه مهر carimbo ştampilă poştală почтовый штемпель poštová pečiatka žig poštanska oznaka poststämpel ตราประทับบนไปรษณียภัณฑ์ posta damgası 郵戳 поштовий штемпель ڈاک کي مہر dấu bưu điện 邮戳

Initiatives by some influential writers to remedy the 1st issue began as early as 1998.[two] Net software frameworks for instance Ruby on Rails and others ensure it is less complicated for designers to provide their buyers with semantic URLs.

[ C ] the particular spot exactly where somebody operates, Primarily exactly where a soldier is instructed being for military responsibility, generally being a guard:

rudderpost, rudderstock - a vertical post within the forward fringe of a rudder that allows the rudder to pivot

Other carcinogens determined in food incorporate heterocyclic amines created in meat when cooked at large temperature, polyaromatic hydrocarbons in charred meat and smoked fish, and nitrosamines generated from nitrites employed as food preservatives in cured meat for instance bacon.[one hundred forty five]

The World Wide Web and HTTP are depending on quite a few ask for strategies or 'verbs', which include POST and GET and also PUT, DELETE, and a number of other Other individuals. Website browsers Usually use only GET and POST, but RESTful on the net apps make full use of a lot of the Many others. POST's spot within the selection of HTTP techniques is usually to send out a representation of a whole new knowledge entity to your server so that it'll be saved as a brand new subordinate on the useful resource determined via the URI.[1] Such as, for the URI , POST requests might be predicted to symbolize new customers, Every single like their identify, handle, contact aspects etc.

In a home, most food planning can take position in a kitchen area. Some preparation is finished to reinforce the taste or aesthetic enchantment; other planning may well assistance to preserve the food; Other people could be associated with cultural identity. A meal is manufactured up of food which is ready to get eaten at a certain time and area.[82]

Establishments like hedge money, pension funds and investment decision financial institutions like Barclays Funds, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley[123] have been instrumental in pushing up charges in the final 5 years, with expense in food commodities mounting from $65bn to $126bn (£41bn to £79bn) between 2007 and 2012, contributing to thirty-yr highs. This has brought about value fluctuations which aren't strongly associated with the particular source of food, according to the United Nations.[123] Monetary institutions now make up 61% of all financial investment in wheat futures. In accordance with Olivier De Schutter, the UN Specific rapporteur on food, there was a hurry by institutions to enter the food industry adhering to George W. Bush's Commodities Futures Modernization Act of 2000.

1. An extended bit of Wooden or other materials established upright into the ground to serve as a marker or assist.

Nevertheless, this negatively impacts extra vulnerable teams who don't share from the financial boom, specifically in Asian and African coastal towns. The scientists reported the menace indicates social-defense policies are required to guard from selling price shocks. The investigation proposed that inside the longer run, the rises existing options to export for Western African farmers with superior prospective for rice generation to replace imports with domestic generation.[128]

Stay food resides food for carnivorous or omnivorous animals retained in captivity; Put simply, tiny animals like insects or mice fed to more substantial carnivorous or omnivorous species kept in either inside of a zoo or as pet.

Food aboard เบิร์นไขมัน the Room Shuttle served on a tray. Observe the use of magnets, springs, and Velcro to carry the cutlery and food packets towards the tray

An additional system depends around the intentional addition of other reduced-food-Electrical power elements, like resistant starch or dietary fiber, to interchange Component of the flour and accomplish a far more important Vitality reduction.

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